This Christmas, We Don’t Need More Stuff. We Need More Love.

If you’re reading this, you’re pretty fortunate.


Because it method which you have enough to fulfill your primary human needs. That is, you’ve got a roof to live underneath, nutritious food to consume and smooth water to drink. Or, to place it differently, you have got what billions of other humans are lacking.

Sadly, lots of us who’ve been introduced up in prosperous nations aren’t conscious that we’re residing in a extraordinarily unfair and merciless world. A world where the 9 richest human beings of our planet own extra blended wealth than the full held with the aid of the poorest 4 billion. A global wherein almost 1/2 of the human population lives on much less than $2.50 a day. A global wherein 40 million human beings are enslaved.

Being continuously distracted by using shallow matters, we aren’t informed about what’s vital. We might realize the wide variety of affairs our favorite celebrities have had this yr, however we don’t realize that farmers in India are dying within the lots from suicide yearly because of the debt and unemployment crises because of the corporate monopoly of seeds. We might realize which of our social media “fans” didn’t “like” our state-of-the-art Instagram selfie, however we don’t recognise that during Sub-Saharan Africa 1 in 9 children die earlier than the age of five of their mother’s arms because of malnutrition and preventable sicknesses. We would possibly understand the exact date the subsequent iPhone comes out in the marketplace, however we don’t understand about the inhumane conditions of Chinese sweatshops in which workers have to go through day in and day trip to provide it.

One of the very nice mirrors of our superfluous, misinformed, and profoundly ill subculture is Black Friday — this is, the busiest purchasing day of the year, or the day we push, punch, elbow and kick each other in order that we may be the first to get the deal, even as hundreds of millions of people don’t actually have a bit of bread to consume. Why deliver a rattling about them? It’s 10 times more vital that we keep on filling our buying carts with greater stuff we don’t want.

Soon we’ve got Christmas once more. You realize, that part of the 12 months whilst we do nothing however trade gifts in the shape of merchandise, an act this is advertised to us with the aid of huge agencies because the best way to show our love to our pals and family.

You see, in our loopy international even love has been commercialized. It is offered to us and we are extra than willing to shop for it — many times in spite of cash we don’t in reality have.

According to a latest document, 48 million Americans are paying off debt from ultimate yr’s Christmas shopping. But this won’t prevent them from going deeper into debt this yr. In reality, it’s expected that the common client will spend $825 on items on my own this vacation season — this is, approximately 50% greater than simply five years ago! (Should I pull out my hair now or higher go away it for after I’m carried out writing this text?)

Our society is completely nuts, and to be a nuthead is considered regular. Buying stuff nobody needs with money we don’t have and destroying our planet inside the method appears flawlessly OK to the majority. In truth, if you take place to differ from the general public and pick not to conform to our consumer subculture, almost each person begins looking at you as if you’re a pathetic weirdo. “Oh, you’re one of those folks that don’t purchase all people gifts on the vacation season? That should suggest you’re both a stingy individual or you’ve got nobody to like in your life.”

santa Christmas consumerism

This is how closely indoctrinated we’re. Of route, that’s no longer surprising in any respect, in case you don’t forget that since the second we popped out of our mom’s womb the advertising industry has been bombarding us with endless messages that try to persuade us that all we want in lifestyles is merchandise. We are sufferers of our tradition — our values, mindset and behavior are an outcome of our lifelong social conditioning.

But what if we stopped for a 2d and puzzled the ingrained notion that only thru products we are able to locate meaning and fulfillment in our lives? What if we ought to pierce through the corporate agendas and realized that love doesn’t have a rate tag, and subsequently can’t be offered, sold or owned in any way or shape? What if we challenged the idea that extra stuff approach more happiness and snapped out of the hypnotic spell of consumerism?

To me, if there’s anything we need more of, it’s intimate appears, heat hugs, kind phrases, and beneficiant smiles. Not candy canes, scented candles and Christmas-themed socks. In different words, we need extra of human connection and much less of what people can get for us.

Having said that, I’m now not trying to indicate that offering fabric objects as presents to humans is awful or incorrect. It can honestly be a remarkable component, relying on what the ones presents are and to whom we deliver them. If we supply people things that can enhance the pleasant of their lives, then that’s absolutely nice. But what’s the factor of giving humans stuff they don’t need and so one can soon turn out to be as waste in landfills? Would it no longer be an awful lot higher if, as an instance, we spent our extra money to help those in want — the poor, the homeless, the underserved — whether at once or via supporting people and agencies which can be attempting to show our world into a extra beautiful vicinity?

This Christmas, my friends, let’s now not supply every other greater stuff and rather provide each different more love. Let’s no longer present merchandise and as an alternative gift studies — experiences of connection, compassion, and belonging. And if we discover ourselves in a place of relative abundance, let’s offer what we will to ease the struggling of our fellow humans.

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